Cancelation Policy

Cancelation Policy

1 night deposit applies at time of reservation
If canceled more than 3 days before arrival - No penalty
If you cancel less than 3 days before the arrival - The charge of 1 night will be charged

No Shows and early departures - The total amount of the stay will be charged.

Children 10 years and over pay as additional person.

All reservations generated during the month of OCTOBER and DECEMBER 20 to JANUARY 05 are "Non-Cancellable" and "Non-Refundable"

A Service Free of $150 pesos will apply per room per night at check in time.

Regulations for guests traveling with pets.

The cost per night of admission per pet is $ 300 pesos (This price does not include VAT).

It is mandatory to leave a Security Deposit of $ 600 pesos in cash for each pet, which will be returned at the time of Check-Out provided that the housekeeper has not reported any damage or dirt inside or outside the house. Room that are attributable to the pet.

There will be a charge of $ 200 pesos per laundry for every quilt or blanket the maid reports with the pet's scent, hair or hair.And $ 600 pesos if there were traces of urine or excrement inside the room.

The owner of the pet must present the Vaccination Card on arrival, which must be current and the date of the last deworming (not more than 6 months).

The guest will be responsible for covering 100% of the costs involved in repairing or replacing the hotel property that has been damaged by the pet.

The owner of the pet agrees to monitor at all times the behavior of the pet in and out of the room for as long as they stay in the hotel.

No barking or howling regardless of whether guests are inside your room, particularly during the course of the night.

Guests will be credited with a penalty of $ 300 pesos in case of being surprised by introducing pets without having previously reported them.In addition, you must also cover the admission fee of the pet.

NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE PERMITTED for pets to remain in the room alone.Therefore, if the guest is absent leaving his pet inside the room, he / she WILL BE CREDITOR TO A PENALTY OF NO LESS THAN $ 1000 pesos.

DO NOT ACCEPT PETERS WHO ARE PRESENT AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR and that may endanger the physical integrity of the hotel staff or guests.As the owner of the pet, the guest will be 100% responsible for any incident that may occur.

The company disclaims any responsibility in the event that the pet gets sick, escape or suffer an accident while you are inside the hotel.It is the responsibility of the guest to carefully read each of the points marked in this regulation.